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    12/Фев/2009, 22:01
    created by §Tattoo§

    This is a highly detailed map inspired by LOTR's environement,
    this is in no way related to the movies or books... it's just a
    map I had fun doing!

    There is no specials scripts or command points boosts, just a simple
    but very fun map to play with a friend! The map is very long but narrow
    this forces the players to go head to head, just pure battle!

    The basic concept is 1vs1 deathmatch with plenty of ressources and
    strong defensive structures, both sides have the same defensive walls equiped
    with a gate. You can destroy the gate to get into the enemy's walls directly, or just
    use the side stairs altought it can be a hard task against a good defensive player.

    The map is splitted by a nice clear passable river and falls, packed with manually placed
    and sized shrubbery. The land is covered by creeps, this can be annoying but also
    very useful for money and units rank. The passability of the prebuilt defensive
    walls and the map itself are great, no bugs or impassable spots.This map uses the same standard command limits and heros.

    I made this map from scratch, it's not based or edited from EA's maps
    it took a lot of time to built, alot of effort as been put on the
    details and environements. If you want to edit this map I would aprreciate
    a litlle recognition, so please mention the author in your releases!

    Skirmish AI's enabled, the CPU player will siege and use side stairs to
    break into your base! Altought the game excperience is better against
    a human player.

    Online mode not tested but should work!

     2 Castles
    12 Building plots
     4 Expansion camps
     2 Prebuilt defensive walls

    Have not experience any during testing.

    To install the map, copy the entire folder named "Helms Freaked"
    from the zipped file and paste it to:

    C:\Documents and Settings\"YOUR USERNAME"\Application Data\My Battle for Middle-earth Files\Maps

    To Uninstall just delete the folder "Battle at White Falls" from the Maps folder!

    Hope you enjoy this one!


    Категория: Карты | Добавил: {RUS}ElvLord
    Просмотров: 603 | Загрузок: 104 | Комментарии: 1 | Рейтинг: 5.0/1 |
    Всего комментариев: 1
    28/Окт/2009 Спам
    1. Алексей (Aragorn95)

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