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    Then a miracle occurred, as stated in the title of the case was the evening, I sat down at the program and I suffered so to speak, and make people take the east! How it all was not noticeably and quickly. He opened the article on the site, which made my friend, and began. Faction was almost ready and it was like a mini fraction of Mordor, and now I have moved all the + to add something. But what heroes do this problem. So I wait for your suggestions on the forum.

    And so all the good time of day. I am the author update ElvLordMod. All that I want to tell you this about the work done and that I do not want that all this simply disappeared. Let's begin:
    At this point, can be prepared to take just two races! This is Rohan and Elves, but I want a reservation, which can be considered, so there may be other izmeneniya.4 race in stage 70 - 80% ready. And I want you to submit screenshots
    Here and Here
    Also not excluded the possibility of adding 2 new races, but for now this is just the plans, which is not even on paper. And if it is people of east and dwarves, but once again I say that it only plans. To realize that I need people.
    Campaign: All that you can count on this new mission, the new story you did not expect.
    Personnel: It is urgently needed in the command 3D modelers, so do not be shy.

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